SAMRT Council

The SAMRT Council shall manage and regulate the affairs and business of the association in accordance with The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006. Council is composed of eight Council members elected among the SAMRT membership. In addition, two or more public representatives are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor to sit on Council. The elected Council members serve three year terms.

2017 SAMRT Executive
President Melanie Hilkewich
Past President Bashir Jalloh
Vice-President Brenda Lock
Council Member Scott Mildenberger
Council Member Katelyn New
Council Member Nathan Rosenberg
Council Member Peter Derrick
Council Member Vacant
2017 SAMRT Public Representatives
Public Representative #1 Alan Cannon
Public Representative #2 Eugene Paquin
Public Representative #3 Ryan Klassen
Executive Director/Registrar Debbie Schatz
Administrative Assistant Ardis Monarchi
CAMRT Director
2015 - 2018 Karen Davis

Council Meeting
If you wish to observe a council meeting or make a presentation, please contact the SAMRT Office at or 306 525 9678.

Upcoming Council Meetings:


Executive Director Committees:
Continuing Competence Committee
Allison Kahl Vacant
Penny Burroughs Jo-Anne Couture
Dave Steeg Kristin Matravolgyi
Joyce Warren  
Regulation of Sonography Advisory Committee
Arlene Binner Adria Thomas
Donna Schommer Dave Steeg
Maureen Kral Kristin Hawkins
Sarah Srayko Courtney Bosch
2017 Conference Committee
Brenda Lock Scott Mildenberger
Allison Kahl Marla Komaransky
Jo-Anne Couture Ashleigh Hill
Sarah Srayko (SADMS) Adria Thomas (SADMS)
Patti Shirkey  
Legislative Committees:
Professional Conduct Committee
Kevin Lobzun Wade Peters
Gisela Yaroshko  
Discipline Committee
Arlene Binner Darin Humphreys
Maria McLaren Ryan Klassen
Council Committees:
Audit Committee
Brenda Lock Vacant
Eugene Paquin  
Ownership Linkage Committee
Alan Cannon Karen Davis
Melanie Hilkewich Nathan Rosenberg
Katelyn New  
Awards Committee
Bashir Jalloh Vacant
Jo-Anne Couture Vacant
Bob Britz  
Nominations Committee
Bashir Jalloh Nathan Rosenberg
Peter Derrick  Melanie Hilkewich
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