Our Act and Bylaws

The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006 - Download

SAMRT Regulatory Bylaws 2015 - Download

SAMRT Administrative Bylaws 2015 - Download

SAMRT Fees Bylaws 2015 - Download

The Regulatory Bylaws have been revised and the amendments were approved by the Minister of Health in May 2019.  The major changes to the Regulatory Bylaws include:

  • Add a retired membership category and define eligibility for membership category.
  • Amend the restricted licence to a graduate licence category and define the criteria. This category ensures new graduates (either Canadian or internationally educated) continue to have the opportunity to work in a temporary supervised position while they await the national certification examination results. 
  • Increase the professional liability insurance (PLI) minimum amount to be in line with the amounts members receive when purchasing insurance from the national association. The increase in the minimum PLI ensures greater protection for the member and for the public
  • Amendment to Schedule A – Continuing Education Credits.  
The Administrative Bylaws have been revised and were approved by Council May 3, 2019. The major changes to the Administration Bylaws include: 
  • Amendments to Council Committee names; Ownership and Linkage Committee is now called Community Engagement Committee and Audit Committee is now called Audit and Finance Committee.
The Fees Bylaws have been revised and were approved by Council May 3, 2019.The major changes to the Fees Bylaws include:
  • Increases to the Application Fee, Licence Fees (Full Practice, Life Member Licence and Graduate Practice) Membership Fees (Non-practicing, Associate and Retired). Note that the changes to the fees come into effect for the 2020 Licence period, and will be reflected in the licence renewal. 
  • On November 29, 2019, Council approved an amendment to 5(4) to provide greater clarity around application of reinstatement fees.

To receive a paper copy of the Act and/or Bylaws, please contact the SAMRT Office at 306 525 9678 or email the SAMRT Office.