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Continuing Education


This section is dedicated to continuing education material for the SAMRT. Questions can be directed to the SAMRT office by clicking here

  1. Rounds Template

  2. SAMRT CE Guidelines & Audit Expectations

  3. SAMRT CE Credit Record

  4. Continuing Education Certificate Template

     5. Continuing Education & Audit FAQs 

     6.  Professional Liability FAQs

Mandatory Education

Mandatory Education

The SAMRT recognizes that advancing technology and increasing responsibility requires technologists to continually update their knowledge and skills. Continuing education ensures professional competence and prevents professional obsolescence. Ten percent (10%) of the membership is audited on an annual basis to provide verification of their credits as declared on their renewal.

Continuing education is mandatory for maintaining membership/licensure with the SAMRT. Each MRT has a duty to attend, track, and report CE activity regardless of employment or registration status. A minimum of 10 Medical Radiation Technology credits per year are required. Dues years, rather than calendar years, will be used for credit accumulation December 1 - November 30.

Members are asked on their annual renewal to declare that they have earned the minimum amount of continuing education credits. If a member doesn’t have sufficient CE credits at the time of renewal, Section 13(2) of the Regulatory Bylaws states that Members who have not completed the continuing education credits required by clause (1)(b) may receive a full practice licence on the condition that they practice only under direct supervision until they complete the required CE credits. Contact the office if you do not have sufficient credits.

How many credits do I need?

A minimum of ten (10) Medical Radiation Technology credits per year. Dues years rather than calendar years will be used for credit accumulation: December 1 - November 30. 

How do I keep track of my CE credits?

Personal continuing education forms may be obtained from the SAMRT website. Ensure that all credits documented are in compliance with the SAMRT Continuing Education Guidelines & Audit Expectations.

How do I submit my credits?

Members are asked on their annual renewal to declare that they have earned the minimum amount of continuing education credits. 10% of the membership is audited on an annual basis to provide verification of their credits as declared on the renewal. It is fraudulent to make a false declaration. 

Continuing Education Opportunities for SAMRT Members

Learning Resources

Your choice of continuous learning activities must be related to improving your knowledge, skills and judgment as a member of the profession. A variety of learning activities may be used in order to support learning that is relevant to the member’s practice.  The continuous education activities may be in any format that meets your learning needs and may include professional readings, seminars, webinars, conferences, courses, learning from other professionals (e.g., attendance at rounds, tutorials and staff meetings), training on new equipment, applications, procedures or software, writing and delivering presentations, courses or clinical teaching, research, writing a professional journal article or paper, and others.

Refer to the SAMRT CE Guidelines and Audit Expectations for more information on learning activities and the CE credits awarded. Click here to view.

The resources listed are not intended to be a comprehensive list of courses available.

      1. Conferences/Lectures:

As a service to the members, the SAMRT strives to present an annual education conference in association with the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  CE Credits are calculated based on the number of presentations and includes attendance at the AGM.

      AGM and Joint Conference

      The 2020 AGM and Joint Conference is set for April 25, 2020 in Regina.

      Click here for the CAMRT "Highlights 2018-2019" presented at the 2019 SAMRT AGM

      Click here for the CAMRT "Highlights 2017- 2018" presented at the 2018 SAMRT AGM

      Click here for the Ministry of Health: MRTs and Sonographers in Saskatchewan: Career Prospects presented          at the 2017 AGM and Joint Conference


CAMRT 2020

May 30-31, 2020

Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa

Registration opening mid-January

Mark your calendar for CAMRT 2020 held in Ottawa at the Brookstreet Hotel, May 30-31. The two days will be full of multi-modality education, social events and opportunities to network with like-minded MRTs from across the country. Who will be there? Medical radiation technologists specializing in radiological technology, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging and radiation therapy. Stay tuned!

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
certification workshops
      For a full list of course dates and locations, visit

      MHFA is a nationally recognized two-day workshop developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  The course       aims to develop the skills of participants in providing help to a person experiencing a mental health problem or in a mental     health crisis.             

2. Medical Imaging Rounds Sessions:

To join a Telehealth rounds session, you must attend at a Telehealth site. These sessions are not available over the open internet to personal computers. If you wish to attend a session in Regina, please contact: 306-766-3400 or

 3. Journals: 

      4. Current News & Information:
       5. Health Information Databases:
       6. Safety & Ethics:
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