Much of the business of SAMRT is conducted by committees, which have been drawn from MRTs and public representatives across the province. The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006 (the Act) and the Regulatory and Administrative Bylaws set out the committee structure of the College, and the composition and key responsibilities of the various committees.

Council Committees:

Committees are established under the authority of the section 13 of the Act and in accordance with the Administration Bylaws.

Audit and Finance Committee

Katelyn New (Chair)

Renee Belitski

Eugene Paquin

Community Engagement Committee

Nathan Rosenberg (Chair)

Kaylyn Hagel

Ariel Adamson

Katelyn New

Awards Committee

Scott Mildenberger (Chair)

Kaylyn Hagel

Jo-Anne Couture

Ariel Adamson

Bob Britz

Nominations Committee

Scott Mildenberger (Chair)

Nathan Rosenberg

Finte Adem

Alan Cannon

Legislative Committees:

  • The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) and the Discipline Committees are statutory committees established by the Act.
  • The PCC is responsible for reviewing, investigating and reporting on complaints or concerns received by the SAMRT regarding the conduct or competence of members.
  • The Discipline Committee is responsible for holding hearings of formal complaints of professional misconduct or professional incompetence that are referred to it by the PCC.
  • The Act and Regulatory Bylaws set out the SAMRT's responsibilities to regulate and discipline members, and all SAMRT activities must meet the duty of fairness and of due process.

Professional Conduct Committee

Kevin Lobzun (Chair)

Wade Peters


Karen Sundby

Discipline Committee

Shalane Thacker

Darin Humphreys (Chair)

Maria McLaren

Ryan Klassen

Executive Director Committees:

Committees are established on an as-needed basis by the Executive Director to fulfill a project or worktask assignment.

Continuing Competence Committee

Allison Kahl (Chair)

Bryan Witt

Penny Burroughs

Jo-Anne Couture

Dave Steeg

Kristin Matravolgyi


Lisa King

Regulation of Sonography Advisory Committee


Adria Goldfinch

Brenda Lock

Dave Steeg

Maureen Kral

Kristin Hawkins

Sarah Srayko

Courtney Bosch

2020 Conference Committee

Positions are filled approximately 4-6 months in advance of conference.

Brenda Lock

Katelyn New

Patti Shirkey (SAMIM)

Kelly Zbaraschuk

Tanya Govier (SADMS)

Kendra Cooper

Amanda Jakeman (SADMS)

Danielle Reimer

Corinne Delparte (SAMIM)