COVID Information and Links

Hang in there Saskatchewan

Our frontline workers would like to remind you to keep on doing these important measures to reduce the spread of COVID:

  1. Use a mask
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Physically distance yourself from others as appropriate
  4. Stay home and go out only when necessary
  5. Observe the new guidelines regarding household members only in private residences

Hang in there Saskatchewan. You've got this. Read our open letter here:

Love, Your Frontline Healthcare Workers

Working Remotely

The SAMRT office is closed to public during COVID-19 and staff are working remotely.  The decision to move to a remote operations model was made to ensure business and regulatory continuity, maintain staff health, and prevent possible service disruptions.

  • Licensing and essential services will continue to operate as previous.
  • Emails, telephone calls and online forms will be managed remotely.
  • Our systems allow us to continue to operate with minimal disruptions, with no impact to our public protection mandate.
  • If you require SAMRT assistance, please contact our office as usual via email and/or telephone at 306.525.9678. We will respond within two business days. 

Emergency Licence

Interested in returning to MRT practice to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Information on the new Emergency Licence process

Emergency Licence Application

Supporting Saskatchewan Regulated Health Care Professionals During the COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult and challenging for our health care system. During a surge in COVID-19 cases, you may be required to adapt your usual practice. You may be asked to work in unfamiliar settings or outside of your typical role for the benefit of patients. You are not expected to practice beyond the professional scope of practice of your profession nor beyond your individual competence. As the province plans its response, your role is vital to patients receiving safe, competent and ethical care. 

Read the principles and expectations for practice here.

Links to Information

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