SAMRT Council

The SAMRT Council shall manage and regulate the affairs and business of the association in accordance with The Medical Radiation Technologists Act, 2006. Council is composed of eight Council members elected among the SAMRT membership. In addition, two or more public representatives are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor to sit on Council. The elected Council members serve three year terms.

Council sets the strategic direction of the organization and provides financial oversight. The Executive Director, who also has responsibility as Registrar, oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.  The Registrar is designated the authority from Council to register MRTs who meet the licensure qualifications and to ensure the continued competence of our members and to address concerns of the public through our complaints and discipline process.

2022 SAMRT Elected Council


Scott Mildenberger

Past President

Mary Rafferty


Michael McKechnie

Council Member

Shane Timms

Council Member

Finte Adem

Council Member

Kaylyn Grummett

Council Member

Nathan Rosenberg

Council Member

Katelyn New

2022 SAMRT Appointed Public Representatives

Public Representative

Alan Cannon

Public Representative

Eugene Paquin

Public Representative

Ryan Klassen


Executive Director/Registrar

Debbie Schatz

Administrative Assistant

Meegan Russell

Deputy Registrar 


Research Analyst


CAMRT Director

CAMRT Director

Ada Bunko

Council Meeting

If you wish to observe a council meeting or make a presentation, please contact the SAMRT Office at   or 306 525 9678. 

Council Meetings: are held four times annually, rotating between Regina and Saskatoon.  Please contact the SAMRT Office at  or 306 525 9678 to get the date of the next meeting.