CAMRT - Continuing Education Opportunities

Read below for some great continuing education offerings from the CAMRT!

Virtual lecture, The Role of the MRT in Neurointervention, authored by Alexandra Melanson (BHKin, RTR), allows you to listen along to an on-demand lecture, with slides and visual cues. The lecture will introduce the learner on how an MRT in IR explores common diagnoses treated in neuroradiology, discusses conditions and abnormalities treating in radiology, understands presentations and treatment and describe the functioning of the angiographic and neuro-specific equipment that is used.

Join author Jennifer Brown, MEd MRT(R), in this accredited QSS while we examine the importance of the preceptorship model (experienced practitioners providing supervision in clinical settings), the uniqueness of the MRT's educational-clinical environment, and communication strategies that can be used with these factors in mind. This course additionally provides preceptors with valuable techniques to use in everyday interactions to maximize the preceptor-student relationship.

Spinal Pathologies is for radiological technologists who want to access a convenient, on-demand Quick Self Study and acquire a solid base of knowledge on spinal pathologies. Authored by Heidi Veillette (BSc, RTR, MR) an experienced x-ray and MRI technologist and recipient of the 2006 CAMRT Award of Excellence, this accredited QSS reviews spinal anatomy, positioning and offers a comprehensive look at spinal pathologies using a variety of imaging modalities. Recognizing pathologies and adapting based on clinical history or image findings is a key competency for MRTs – support your continuing competence by registering today!

*New* Colorectal Cancer QSS!

  • Newly updated by Dave Shedden, you can take this self-directed course and work your way through online modules, gaining specialized knowledge and participating in interactive learning moments. As the management of cancer constantly changes, access to up-to-date information is vital to ensure that MRTs are well-informed and ready to help patients experiencing colorectal cancer.

*New* Cardiac MR Virtual Lecture!

  • This brand new virtual lecture on Cardiac MR, authored by Navjot Gill, allows for you to listen along to a short on-demand lecture, with slides and visual cues, to learn how to prepare and set-up patients for a cardiac MRI scan, prescribe sequences and phase contrast sequences, how to set-up 3D whole heart imaging and static MR angiography and how to better understand concepts of late gadolinium enhancement.

Leadership Foundations Micro Certificate

  • This micro certificate offers vital essential skills training in leadership and is delivered in a mix of course formats. It is intended to develop MRTs as leaders within the healthcare system, present strategies for advocacy, inclusive practice, leading effectively and effective information sharing. Please note that if you’ve already completed any of the program content, you are already on your way to gaining this micro certification!
  • Leadership Skills: A full length course (2020 version)
  • Personal Leadership: Empowering Self: A Virtual Lecture
  • Strategic Planning for MRTs: A Virtual Lecture
  • Enhancing Communication through Humility: A Quick Self Study
  • Leader as Advocate: A webinar (taken live or on-demand).

*New* MR Linac on demand webinar and stories of its implementation from leaders across the UK!

Date Posted: November 21, 2023